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Praise the lord.
As every single person, I was a guy from a middle class typical Hindu family which includes my father, mother and two siblings. There was a which craft effect in my house which made our lives hell. I could see the wicked of the evil in my house, It changed all our lives. We lost the health, wealth and mainly all the blessings. We went to so many temples and done lots of homas (Hindu rituals) and stuff. But, there was no god to help us, I could see the evil stretching it’s hands to swallow us. At that time god has sent one of his believers to my house in the face of my neighbour. When he came and preached the word of God, I strongly felt he is the only God who could help us, with that strong believe we went to the Church very next day and accepted the lord as our savoir. When I accepted him as a true God I started to see the miracles happening one by one at my house. One day I felt Jesus entering into my house and evil going out with a loud scream, and I heard a blissful voice saying AMEN. From then on I grew in the Lord with a fear.

When Jesus chosen me as his servant…..
When I was 20 year old God has chosen me as his servant by telling me the verse from I KINGS 19:19 which says “Elijah went up to him and threw his clock around Elisha.” The Lord said to me, “from today you will serve me like Elisha.” Though I was too young, I didn’t have any sort of doubt in what God has told me. I knew that whatever the Lord said would be true. As soon as he chosen me he blessed me with wedding. But the when wicked came to know that God is going to use me for his service, it started using my family in so many ways. I saw my family members changing so wicked in three months from God has chosen me. My parents started harassing me and my wife in so many ways that we had to move away with no single rupee in our hands. I had huge passion towards what God has chosen me for. Many people advised me to go to the people for help. But God has reminded me one verse from PSLAM 118:8 which says “It’s better to take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in Human.” And also he reminded me one more verse from PSALM 118:7 which says “The Lord is on my side to help me;” once he reminded me these two verses I knelt down and started praying. When I started praying, I felt a helpful hand coming on to my head and touching me. I got the Strength when God touched me this way.

Troubles in the service…..
From the day the Lord anointed me, he was with me in all my situations and troubles and he was using me actively in his service. But on the other hand Satan was playing it’s role very actively in my life through so many people. Many people used to insult me saying I am unfit for the service; I am a small kid and many more. They used to insult me in many ways. But from then the Lord used me abundantly and widely in his service. We started our service in a hut in a village where there were only non- Christians used to live. Satan raised many people to be an obstacle to our service. But Our Lord knows how to remove the Obstacles which the Satan gives and make his service grow. That is the reason we are today with three churches in three different places in Thirupati city in Andhrapradesh. One main branch in a rented hall with 10000/- rent per month. Even for this we had to face many problems. We had to change the church to five places due to the people and Satan wicked thoughts. Then Lord blessed us with a very good rent hall with good house owners. This is not the humans effort or our effort But the Lord’s greatness. All the Glory goes to the Lord.

Miracles in Our Ministries….
From the day one The Lord is showing his miracles in my life, my family and my ministry with wide stretch. I saw people healed from so many un curable deceases, women blessed with the pregnancy after the doctors confirming that they can’t be pregnant any more, Which craft going away from the people, evil spirit leaving the people by crying. Not only through the miracles God is pouring his blessings through the word of God and Worship. The Lord is using me in a place like Thirupathi in where mostly non-Christians live, that itself a great miracle in my life, and to the ministry. This testimony is to glorify the Lord. May the Lord be praised.

(Rev.K.Daniel Abraham.M.Div)
Founder president of Living God Miracle Ministries, Tirupati

Dear brother,

I thank you for all the interest that you are showing towards our church activities and church needs. I thank our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for helping us through you. It’s great that you are coming soon and we are going to meet.

We have started our ministry work from 2003 onwards. It’s been 12 years that I am working as a lord’s servant. I am grateful that God has helped us in all the difficulties and made us stand here in his service today. So many miracles he has done in our church. And many healing took place in the name of Jesus, glory to the God. We are running an independent. I am the president of the church. As it is an independent church there are no other elders for our church. we have two churches one is in the village near by tirupathi and another is in the town. The village church needs are already fulfilled with help of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. But the town church has become difficult to meet the requirements. My vision is to spread the gospel as much as I can with God’s help and support.

For now we are running the church in a rented flat in the main road of Tirupathi, which is convenient to all our church members. But it is very difficult for us to manage the rent every month, as we have poor church members who are not able support us financially. If you could help us with the land to build the church that would be great. Or if not that we would like to have the same rented building on lease, which will cost around (Rs.5,00,000/-). … ….. That would be a permanent rent wherever we shift the church. And to spread the gospel we would be going around the villages. For that we are looking a vehicle. To take at least second handle vehicle it will cost us around 1, 50,000 rupees. These are our needs for Church. Thank you so much for all the interest that you are showing towards the ministry. We look forward to meet you. May God bless you and your family abundantly
In the name of Jesus.

Love always,
Rev.Daniel Abraham.M.Div
Living God miracle ministries,

About Ministry, please note:
God has called me 12 years back and he has been helping me throughout all these years as I am depended on him my 20th Year (age). I’m not a person who depends on human. I am running an independent church from past 12 years only with the help of the Lord. That is the reason I don’t mingle with the local pastors and I am not even a member of the local pastors association as don’t want to lose my witness with the God. I believe in working for the Lord sincerely.
When you told us that you want to help our church financially I felt that God has only sent you to help us. If don’t mind would like to say one thing. If God tells you to help us, help us directly, I don’t want to meet any other local pastor regarding this. I have been maintaining all these years without having any contact with other pastors. Because God has called me to work for him not to be a member of anything or one more thing if I speak to that pastor regarding the flat and stuff it will be like a commercial thing which I don’t want to do. Please Come & See Our Ministry. If God speaks with you and your friends, help us to do better ministry.
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